Voted "Best Place For A Massage" In Ahwatukee 2010 through 2015

I have worked in customer service for over 15 years. I am a people person, What better customer service could I provide than a teriffic massage.

Graduated in 2007 from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts(SWIHA) with 750 hours hands on and classroom learning.

You deserve an experienced Massage Therapist to help you reach your goals.  I combine all my techniques - Swedish to warm up muscles, Therapeutic to reach deaper muscles, Deep Tissue to work the very root of same problems, Trigger Point to isolate specific muscles.  Foot Reflexology is the icing on the cake.  You will definitely walk on air after your massage.

My specialty is "Intuitive Massage".  Through the art of reading and listening to what your body tells me, I am able to give you immediate relief with the massage.

A bonus benefit is my massage takes place in the privacy of your home.  Forget about traffic!  You can plan for quiet, relaxing moments immediately following the session.

Top reasons to get a massage:
        Reduce stress
        Relieve pain
        Lower blood pressure
        Improve attitude and alertness
        Enhance and maintain good health
        Prevent injury and illness
        Improve posture
        Recover from injury more quickly
        Relax muscles tension and improve mobility and flexibility
        Stimulate and detoxify the body
It just feels wonderful!!!

"Let Your Massage Come To You"
                 Lucy Jones LMT


              DEEP TISSUE



              FOOT REFLEXOLOGY

             ENERGY WORK