Imagine sitting at the kitchen table watching your wife in the backyard with your children.  The kids are asking for just one more push, while your wife arches her back trying to get relief.  You search on line for a massage therapist that will come to your home.  Moments later you find A Massage To Remember and make appointments for that evening at 6 and 7:15.

I arrive at your home 15 minutes prior and you show me where to set up.  By 6pm, your wife is lying face down on my massage table where I carefully work the knots from her lower back and shoulders.  An hour slips away as she listens to my soothing music and responds to my sensitive touch.   She finally exclaims, "Now this is A Massage To Remember!"  The stress has eased from her body and she floats from the table as if on a cloud to whisper in your ear "You're next...."

As I skillfully work your back to relax your muscles, you reflect on your wife's comment and think to yourself, "It's true.  No one has ever given me such an incredible massage."

By the time our session is over at 8:15, your wife has put the kids to bed.  The night is still young as you both sit down to the wonderful home-cooked dinner you prepared or had prepared.  No babysitter needed and no driving necessary.  It's a perfect date night.

Was this a luxury expense?  Not when it comes to your health and the health of your family.  Seeing that sparkle of pleasure in your wife's eyes, you realize this is the best evening of many to come.  This has truly been A Massage To Remember!

Don't YOU miss this opportunity.  Call or contact me immediately to book your special session. 

I use Young Living Essenetial oils will all my massages, be sure to ask how you can also enjoy the same oils at home.

"Let Your Massage Come To You"
Wow!  I can finally turn my head to the right.  That may not seem like any big deal to some, but until Lucy gave me one of her expert massages, it wasn't possible without extreme pain! But just as important as her giving me one of the best massages I've ever had is Lucy's  warm, engaging personality.  As a client, I can truly tell she cares about making me feel better. Thank you, Lucy. See you soon!
           Lynda Exley


I'm a big man: 6'4" and 245 pounds. I've had back pain most of my adult life caused by my muscles trying to correct for scoliosis.  Lucy's skilled hands and intuitive technique helps reduce the pain like no other treatment I've had.

She can be strong on the tight, deep knots and oh so gentle on the close-to the-surface small pains.  I've become a huge fan.

She has been giving me bi-weekly massages while she was a student and since she obtained her license four years ago.  I'm satisfied in every way. Lucy is a real pro in every way.
          Charles Emmett

Lucy Jones LMT

I own and manage While You'R Away Pet Services and so many times when out walking my little ones, I can pull a muscle the wrong way. It's so awesome to have Lucy come to my house  where I can relax after my massage. I've had Lucy set me up for a monthly deep tissue massage. It's nice that she can tell where I'm huring and what caused the injury. When she is finished I feel like a million dollars! If I've hurt myself anytime during the month, I just call her and she comes over and has me back out working in no time at all. If you want to be pampered and feel great give Lucy a call!  She is the Best!